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New Generation Care foundation is a Best Alcohol and Drugs Rehabilitation center in Punjab, Patiala, Chandigarh, Amritsar and Himachal Pradesh for Drug Addict Patients as well as Alcohol Addict patients as we have a best Recovery rate in the Country by any NGO- Non Government Organization in India. This Rehabilitation center is approved by Punjab Government. Now a days we have seen rising rate in the youth of India especially in Punjab and near by areas and to overcome this Government has taken many initiatives as the future of Punjab in under dark. This is happening because of the availability of Drugs is very easy as you can buy this from National Highway as we can read this from any Indian Newspaper like Times of India, Hindustan Times, Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala. Rehabilitation Center in Punjab, Patiala, Chandigarh, Amritsar. When a person becomes addict to alcohol or drugs, it becomes difficult to treat him at home. This is the time when the need to look for a rehabilitation center in Punjab arises. A rehabilitation center is the best place to treat alcoholics as it is specially designed for them. With changing lifestyle many people are getting addict to alcohol and drugs. This has become a major concern for the society these days. People do not understand the importance of living a healthy life and day by day cases of fatal alcoholism are increasing. Looking at this situation, rehabilitation centers have come up as a boon for the society. They work towards the well-being of alcoholics and ensure to bring them back to normal life. This is the reason why rehabilitation centers are considered the best place to get an alcoholic treated. Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab and rehabilitation center in Patiala providing best treatment also in our Rehabilitation center in Chandigarh and Amritsar.Insight into Working of a Rehabilitation Centers in Punjab. If you are searching for a rehabilitation center in Punjab or a rehabilitation center in Amritsar, make sure you keep your search vast and check for all the options available. Effective treatment and past success rate are two important things that should become your parameter while you look for the best rehabilitation center in Punjab. Effective treatment will only help the addict get rid of his addiction and the past success rate will help you trust and believe in the rehab that you select. Many rehabilitation centers have customize programs for the addicts. This is the best kind of treatment that a rehab can offer to the addicts. Since, each kind of addiction has different effects, it is also important to treat them differently. Therefore, keep a close check on the facilities provided while you search for a rehabilitation center in Punjab or Jalandhar. Remember, an addict faces a lot of mental trauma and it is important to make his mind feel relaxed and calm. Therefore, it is not only important that the rehab center treats him, but also counsels the family for future behavior. When an addict is treated, his family also plays a vital role in helping him get back to his normal well-being. Therefore, many rehabilitation centers in Punjab also run counseling programs for family members. These programs are designed to make families understand the mental state of the addict and then behaving with him accordingly. This kind of counseling and program helps reduce the communication gap among family members and addict that has been created in the past. Make sure you get the best facilities for the addict in the rehab that you have selected. It is important that the addict feels comfortable where he would be treated for his addiction. You can always visit and give a check on how the alcoholic is treated and the facilities provided. This will also help the addict have a trust factor maintained and he will be able to restore to his health and wellbeing in lesser time.

Key Factors and Benefits of New Generation- Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab & India

  • Highest Success rate in the India- More than 89 %.
  • Highest Capacity for Patients in any Rehabilitation Centre in India.
  • Detoxification for Addicted Patients.
  • AC Rooms are available for Elite Category.
  • Separate Rooms are also on Request.
  • Affordable Treatment cost in the Country.
  • Free consultation available on Phone as well.
  • 24 hours Support System available in all Seven Days along with 365 Days.
  • Pick & Drop Facilities are also available Via Road, Railway & Air.
  • Ambulance Services are also available across the Country.
  • Team of Experts Doctors who have relevant experience in the same field.
  • 12 Step Programs for better and fast recovery.
  • Weekly, monthly Meetings with Patients by which family members and friends can see the improvement in patients.
  • Medical Report sharing on regular basis with the Family members.

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